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Every week, founders Kat and Landon will chat with the top functional medicine doctors, holistic gurus, and health trendsetters on living your life organically, from your nutrition, lifestyle and wellness practices.

They will break down trending topics in health and wellness, helping you decide whether or not they’re right for you.

You’ll get tangible tips and actionable takeaways for living your life organically!

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Radical Longevity – What If Aging Is Optional?

Today we dive into aging, toxins, cellular regeneration, and the secret to humanity’s burning question – how can we stay forever young? On today’s episode we are joined by expert, Ann Louise.
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Food, Faith & Fulfillment With Tim Tebow

Our special guest, Tim Tebow, joins us on today’s show to talk to us about healthy eating (beyond sports), transparent ingredients (choose organic!), keto, body positivity, faith & more!
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Intermittent Fasting

From health experts to the average joe, almost everyone has heard of or has an opinion about intermittent fasting. Learn more about this eating pattern that’s widely embraced by many from the man himself – Landon Eckles.
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Injections, Clean Beauty & All Things Naturopathic Dermatology

The beauty industry has always been marketed to give us that youthful look we all desire, but in reality many products…
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Your Body Can Heal Itself

Crystal Jung joins us to talk about her journey of healing. Crystal is a health promoter who was chronically ill for seven years with Chronic Lyme and Hashimotos.
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The Female Body, Fertility, & The Importance of Holistic Chiropractic Care

Today’s episode is all about fertility, struggles conceiving, prenatal care, and the impact chiropractic care can have on the birthing ...

Denisha’s Powerful 60 Day Cleanse Journey

From start to finish, Denisha Seals embarked on a 60 day cleanse with Clean Juice with the goal of making ...

Health Hacks For All

Join us as we talk with Elissa Goodman about her battle with cancer, Hashimoto’s, and celiac and the unique ways ...

Trauma: An Ongoing Problem in the Autoimmune World

We sat down with Justin Janoska to talk about emotions, past trauma, and how it plays into auto-immune disorders and ...

From Climbing The Tallest Mountains to Being A World-Renowned Gastroenterologist with Emeran Mayer

Listen to learn all about the gut-brain connection, how trauma can impact your gut, the link between soil health and ...

All About the CCOF Certification & What Organic Means

On today’s episode, we sit down with Jessy Beckett, the Chief Program Officer at California Certified Organic Farmers, which is ...

Meditation, Holistic Wellness & Living A Life Truly Connected with Kimberly Snyder

We sat down with Kimberly Snyder, a 3-time New York Times bestselling author, spiritual and meditation teacher, nutritionist and wellness ...

Revolutionize Home Workouts & Wellness

Do you love working out from home? Have you been thinking about building a home gym? This episode is for ...
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