From ingredients picked on a farm at the peak of freshness, bottled at the source
so that you have the highest-quality, most delicious organic juice for your busy lifestyle.


Our cold-pressed juices are now being made on a farm with high safety and quality standards to ensure you get the tastiest and most consistent product. Hello sustainability with less food waste & a longer shelf life!





Our cold-pressed juices are now being made on a farm with high safety and quality standards to ensure you get the tastiest and most consistent product.  Hello sustainability with less food waste & a longer shelf life!

We grow our fresh, USDA-certified organic produce in the fertile Central Valley of California, known as the “fruit capital of the world.”

Our New Cold-Pressed Juices are literally juiced on the farm where it’s grown and harvested at its best (at the optimal time that maximizes tastiness!) and then preserved using state-of-the-art high pressure, no-heat processing (HPP) technology. Talk about farm-to-bottle!



Frequently Asked Questions

What’s changing about our cold-pressed juices & wellness shots?

Our New Cold-Pressed Juices have a new farm-to-bottle approach to increase accessibility and affordability, while guaranteeing the highest and best tasting juices. Our Juices and Wellness Shots will now be pressed immediately after harvest on a farm in the fertile Central Valley of California!  This will optimize the taste and consistency of Cold-Pressed Juices across the nation.


Clean Juice stores (and guests) will now benefit with the taste of organic farm fresh produce harvested from the produce capital of the world located in Central California at peak readiness, bottling at the source, and enhancing the quality through a USDA-certified organic process that utilizes high-pressure processing.


We’ve redesigned the look and enhanced the recipes (some with new ingredients) to stay true to our roots while providing enhanced flavor profiles and unique ingredients for the new juices. What’s more, prices are lower and more affordable with Cold-Pressed Juices starting at $7.95 and Wellness Shots at $4.95.

Are the ingredients changing?

Yes indeed! We felt that this was the perfect time to enhance the flavors and explore new ingredients like fennel, black pepper, lemon, and more. We’ve added some new ingredients to select juices and wellness shots to enhance the flavor. Our Wheatgrass shot now has fresh wheatgrass grown in California, pressed at the source, and a hint of lemon. Our Red juice & Immune Booster wellness shots now include pineapple. We’ve replaced the kale in our Green juice with fennel, a highly nutritious plant that’s packed with heart-healthy nutrients. We’ve removed the kale in Sweet Green and added a hint of lemon. Orange now has a hint of lemon for flavor balance & Pink is now sweetened with agave. Finally, the Hot Shot wellness shot now has lemon and black pepper to enhance the absorption of turmeric in this powerful shot.

Why the pricing change?

We have made our New Cold-Pressed Juices more accessible and more affordable, while continuing to provide a universally consistent and premium product. Our newly designed 12 oz. Juices are as low as $7.95 and our Wellness Shots are $4.95! The new pricing makes our cold-pressed juices the perfect addition to your daily lifestyle to assist in your nutritional goals.

Are 12 oz. juices still as nutritional?

Yes! Listening to our guests is important and many told us that 6 qty. 16 oz. Cold-Pressed Juices and Milks were simply too much to consume! Our new cold-pressed bottled juices will maintain their nutrient density of essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. We are harvesting from a Central California farm that only uses organic produce at peak readiness and bottling at the source to ensure consistency and quality. The smaller juices are an easy grab-and-go option for under $10 and are perfect for those wanting to add additional fruits and vegetables to their daily lifestyle. We value feedback from our guests, and this is a direct response to their requests!

What is the new process and how does it enhance the quality of the juices?

Previously, Clean Juice stores received organic ingredients, fruits and vegetables from third party distributors and prepared, then pressed the cold-pressed juices in-house with a dedicated cold-presser.


While this was optimal for the first few years of existence, Clean Juice’s ascension and growth across 33 states and more than 130 open stores created a more scalable, operationally efficient, and consistent process. With the launch of New Cold-Pressed Juices, production of the new bottled juices will be made on a farm that uses only organic produce picked at peak harvest.


All produce is still USDA-certified organic, upholding our brand promise to deliver clean ingredients that promote a healthy lifestyle. After produce is picked, it’s put under intense pressure to stabilize the product, kill harmful food-borne pathogens and bacteria while elongating the shelf life. No heat is used during this process. Not only is consistency across all Clean Juice stores enhanced, but it also increases accessibility and keeps our fridges stocked. What’s more, this shift in procedure contributes to sustainability with less ingredient waste.

Are the New Cold-Pressed Juices organic?

You bet it is! All our cold-pressed juice, cashew milk, and wellness shots are USDA-certified by the CCOF – California Certified Organic Farmers. Their logo adorns the labels on the bottles! As you know, sourcing the highest-quality organic ingredients has always been a top priority.

Are any nutrients lost during high pressure processing?

HPP has no material effect on macro-nutrients in the cold-pressed juice, but it does reduce microorganisms 100,000 times! Here’s a few recent studies that touch on the HPP process and nutritional value. One is from ResearchGate and the other from HiperBaric

Why isn’t the cashew milk-based cold-pressed juice changing and available?

Our New Clean Juice Milks – made from a cashew – will be available in the new sizing soon! They require additional research and development.

What will the shelf life be of the New Cold-Pressed Juices?

Our New Cold-Pressed Juices will extend the shelf life to upwards of 45 days! That means we’ll have the cold-pressed juice you want every time you come in, and can stock up on juices for the week ahead. You can cleanse more easily simply because the product will be available across all stores nationwide!