Join us as we dive into the products we use daily in, on, and around our bodies and the impact they are having on our life. We discuss everything from processed foods, sunscreen, clean beauty, what “non-toxic” really means, and more.

Our guest, Catherine Cabano, is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a Women’s Health Coach currently attending Harvard University. Her mission is to help women take control of what goes in, on, and around their bodies. She takes a holistic view on current lifestyles and helps transition people to clean beauty and plant-based, organic, nontoxic nutrition.

3:10 What “In, On, & Around” means
4:43 If plant-based meat is good for you
9:08 Read labels!
10:25 What meat we should be eating (grass-fed vs. grass-finished)
12:03 Sustainable, regenerative, and organic farming
17:55 What goes ON your body
18:47 What to look for in sunscreen
24:09 The Clean Beauty Checklist
25:35 Mattresses & the “around” part of life
32:48 Best tip for controlling the environment around you
37:42 Catherine’s best tip for living life organically