From health experts to the average joe, almost everyone has heard of or has an opinion about intermittent fasting. Learn more about this eating pattern that’s widely embraced by many from the man himself – Landon Eckles. He dives into his experience with intermittent fasting, what works for his body, and the benefits he has seen. 

1:34 What intermittent fasting is
1:47 Benefits of intermittent fasting
2:26 The 5:2 approach
3:03 Common ways of fasting
3:44 Landon’s typical eating/fasting schedule
5:30 Landon’s go-to fast breaking meal
7:49 What the fasting state is like
8:29 Landon’s struggle with weight fluctuations
9:12 Watching what you eat in your “feeding window”
11:37 Juicing to enhance your fast