We are partnering with Make An Impact Foundation (MAIF) to create the Quarters 4 Kids program aimed at supporting meaningful projects in our local communities that benefit children in need.  With your help, we can raise money to create opportunities that produce positive change in our communities, specifically in providing access and education to underprivileged children about proper nutrition, the benefits of organic eating, exercise and improving overall wellness. 

The mission of the Make An Impact Foundation (MAIF) is to promote the education and well-being of children by identifying those in severe need (homeless, poverty, etc.) as well as those with learning needs, emotional needs, disabilities or disease. 

Collectively, we will impact our communities one quarter ($.25) at a time!   


 We had the pleasure of supporting the Make An Impact Foundation as they built a new playground for the Huntington Green community in Huntersville, NC.

 Want your community to be next? Reach out to your local store’s owner and suggest a program or project that supports children in need!