Our Cold-pressed Shots

The Athlete Shot

Total Calories – 40 Total Fat – 0 g Total Carbs – 10 g Sugars – 9 g Protein – 2 g *Our team works very hard to keep the cold-press fridge stocked, but we can’t guarantee your store will have every option available! Please call to confirm availability.


What is wheatgrass not good for?! We love this shot because you get so many benefits from 2.5 ounces of wheatgrass. It contains over 100 different nutrients, boosts energy, cleanses the liver, and detoxifies the body. Can we get an Amen? Available in powder form at select locations. Total Calories – 25 Total Fat –…

Hot Shot

The Hot Shot is definitely one of our harder shots to take, but if you are feeling a cold coming on, you will be so happy you did! The combo of Orange, Cayenne, and Turmeric help boost metabolism, increase blood circulation, and for an added bonus- it’s super anti-inflammatory. Total Calories – 20 Total Fat…

Matcha Express

This shot has all the amazing benefits of matcha – calms the mind and body, boosts metabolism, and increases energy! It tastes amazing, too! Total Calories – 30 Total Fat – 1 g Total Carbs – 8 g Sugars – 7 g Protein – 4 g  

Immune Booster

Obviously, the purpose of this little shot is to boost your immune system. Between the ginger, lemon, and carrots, the Immune Booster can improve digestion, balances PH, and relieves/reduces pain. I’ll take two, please! Total Calories – 25 Total Fat – 1 g Total Carbs – 6 g Sugars – 5 g Protein – 5 g…