Made With Organic Pineapple

The Young One

This one is perfect for the little ones with a sweet tooth!! Full of the organic, natural sweetness that comes from some of our favorite organic fruits, The Young One is most certainly one that every young one will enjoy! The high vitamin C content from both Orange & Pineapple give this treat an extra…

The Athlete Shot

Total Calories – 40 Total Fat – 0 g Total Carbs – 10 g Sugars – 9 g Protein – 2 g *Our team works very hard to keep the cold-press fridge stocked, but we can’t guarantee your store will have every option available! Please call to confirm availability.

Matcha Express

This shot has all the amazing benefits of matcha – calms the mind and body, boosts metabolism, and increases energy! It tastes amazing, too! Total Calories – 30 Total Fat – 1 g Total Carbs – 8 g Sugars – 7 g Protein – 4 g  


Orange is a great option for you and your kiddos! The prominent flavor is orange, but the pineapple, turmeric, and carrot provides your immune system with a boost from the turmeric. This is the 2nd juice in the Cleanse.

The Beach Bowl

The Beach Bowl

Get a taste of the islands with this pineapple based acai bowl. Pineapple contains more than 130% of your RDA for Vitamin C in one serving, so you can count on the immune boosting punch from this bowl. Blended with acai, the incredible amazon super-berry, the antioxidant count is almost too great to calculate. We…

The Longevity One

  Total Calories – 154 Total Fat – 0 g Total Carbs – 39 g Sugars – 29 g Protein – 2 g Nutrition facts based on 16 oz serving.  


The Tropical One

You’ll never look at a Pina Colada again after this healthy alternative hits your lips. Kale, one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world, is the star of this drink, but you would never know from the taste! A serving of pineapple provides over the RDA of Vitamin C, as well as a…


The Immunity One

Our best-selling juice, this one is a must if you are getting sick. Full of Vitamin-C rich foods, this juice has been known to stop the common cold dead in its tracks. Outside the powerhouse foods that are: Oranges, Pineapples, Carrots, & Lemons, this juice features Turmeric, a root that’s benefits are almost immeasurable (like really, there’s…


The Protection One

This is an awesome ‘entry level’ green juice for someone ready to take the plunge from all fruit options. Pineapple adds the overwhelming flavor here, and aside from being one of nature’s sweetest candies, this awesome powerhouse fruit supplies a huge serving of Vitamin C that the body needs, as well as bromelain, an enzyme…