Made With Organic Kale

The Organic One

Yes, yes… ALL of our smoothies are organic, but you can’t have Young, Wild, & Organic without Organic, right?! This kids smoothie sneaks in a serving of Kale to make sure our little friends get some greens, providing Fiber, Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin A and more! Mixed with the Antioxidants and Vitamin C from Mango,…

Sweet Green

Sweet Green is a great option for someone who wants a green juice but needs it to be sweet. We, of course, stuff it with all the greens but add the apple for a natural fruit sweetener. This is the first juice in the Cleanse.


The green is a super low-sugar, high veggie option! This has all the greens (kale, spinach, celery, cucumber) hence the name! The ginger and lemon add extra benefits, and of course a little flavor! This is the 3rd juice in the Cleanse.

The Green Bowl

The Green Bowl

The greenest option of the bunch, this one is a great choice for the more ‘intense’ among us. Boasting a double dose of leafy greens for free radical protection, Matcha for fat burning, Banana for essential minerals, and Honey, affectionately called liquid gold because of its healing and protective properties, your body will love you…


The Tropical One

You’ll never look at a Pina Colada again after this healthy alternative hits your lips. Kale, one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world, is the star of this drink, but you would never know from the taste! A serving of pineapple provides over the RDA of Vitamin C, as well as a…


The Intense One

Just like it sounds, this one is awesome for the more ‘intense’ juicer/blender amongst us. This little gem comes out a dark green in color, attributed to amazing blue green algae superfood, spirulina. Spirulina could be one of the most beneficial things that you ever put into your body. It has heavy detoxing properties (like,…


The Hardcore One

We salute you, our intense friend! This drink is not for the entry-level juicer, as it is an all-veggie powerhouse that may require an acquired taste, but is SO wonderful for overall well-being. We aren’t sure if Spinach is the new Kale or Kale is the new Spinach, but what we do know is both…


The Glow One

Our best selling green juice and with good reason! Sweet enough for people not ready to take the plunge to all-veggie drinks, but packed with super-crucial vitamins, nutrients and organic compounds only found in leafy greens – this one really is a great fit for anyone! Affectionately called ‘The Glow One’ because of it’s ability…