Made With Organic Cinnamon


Total Calories – 100 Total Fat – 13 g Total Carbs – 19 g Sugars – 10 g Protein – 4 g Nutrition facts based on 8 oz serving.  

Cacao Milk

The cacao milk is a great alternative to an unhealthy treat! This satisfying milk is a great post-workout option and is super heart healthy. Total Calories – 230 Total Fat – 14 g Total Carbs – 21 g Sugars – 10 g Protein – 5 g [For an 8 oz bottle] Each 16 oz bottle…


The holy grail of juices! You won’t be able to stop drinking this one… it’s that good. The cashews, sea salt, maple syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon all blend together perfectly for the smoothest juice you have ever tasted. This is the last and final juice of the Cleanse. Kind of your little treat for cleansing!


The Oats Bowl

  Total Calories – 394 Total Fat – 9 g Total Carbs – 70 g Sugars – 24 g Protein – 11 g  

Healthy Heart

The Healthy Heart One

Do we have any Cinnamon Toast Crunch fans in the house? If so, you need to drop whatever you are doing and get this one right now. Like for real. The avocado is extremely nutritious and provides monosaturated fatty-acid which has been linked to huge heart health benefits, as well as potassium – even more…


The Mangos N Cream One

Mangoes have been called the king of all fruits, and we totally understand why! There has been research that has found compounds in mangoes can prevent  certain types of cancers, while also giving an eye, skin, and brain boost! They are a very alkalizing fruit, which helps to maintain a healthy pH for your body.…


The Chocolate One

I mean really, we could stop right there. Healthy chocolate? Sold. But then I wouldn’t get to tell you about the amazing health benefits that this smoothie offers. Organic raw cacao is the purest possible form of chocolate and has antioxidants through the roof (as much as 40 times MORE than blueberries). It also has…