Made With Organic Celery


The green is a super low-sugar, high veggie option! This has all the greens (kale, spinach, celery, cucumber) hence the name! The ginger and lemon add extra benefits, and of course a little flavor! This is the 3rd juice in the Cleanse.


The Detoxifying One

Our less-sweet beet option, this is for the beet lovers amongst us! Great for before a workout, this juice not only aids in great blood flow, but the combination of Beets & Celery work so well to decrease blood pressure. The Antioxidants from the Apple, Cucumber and Ginger add a detoxifying effect that will leave…


The Hardcore One

We salute you, our intense friend! This drink is not for the entry-level juicer, as it is an all-veggie powerhouse that may require an acquired taste, but is SO wonderful for overall well-being. We aren’t sure if Spinach is the new Kale or Kale is the new Spinach, but what we do know is both…


The Energy One

A cult favorite, this beet-based juice is the thing to drink to improve blood flow. It’s great to have before a workout to improve stamina or if you’re stressed to help lower blood pressure. This is also a great juice for someone that isn’t as keen on beets as the rest of us. The sweetness…