Kat and Landon sit down with Dr. Natasha Beck (AKA Dr. Organic Mommy) to talk all about food & nutrition, parenting, and creating healthy habits for your household. Listen to learn about pantry staples, dairy or gluten-free food options, and the importance of involving your kids in the kitchen. 

Listen as they dive into topics about self esteem and independence in children, fostering frustration tolerance, and setting boundaries for technology. Making improvements doesn’t have to cost money either! Dr. Organic Mommy also talks about 5 non-toxic things that cost no money.

2:52 How to introduce foods or superfoods to children at a young age
4:02 Bring your kids into the kitchen
6:16 Dr. Organic Mommy’s pantry staples
9:34 Dairy or gluten-free options
11:32 The importance of boredom in children
14:29 Boundaries for technology
16:47 How to foster emotional development during newborn stages and on
18:49 Encouraging self esteem and independence in children
21:30 Fostering healthy sleep habits
26:27 “Greenwashing” marketing and how to make good choices
31:22 Five non-toxic things that cost no money