Chronic illness in children is on the rise, and many moms have had to take their child from doctor to doctor trying to get to the root of an illness. In today’s episode, Kat sits down with Dr. Sheila Kilbane to discuss how integrative medicine and nutrition changes can help with these illnesses, especially for children.

Listen to learn about 5 main triggers of inflammation, how processed foods and environmental toxins increase inflammation, how to heal and protect the gut, and more. Kat and Dr. Kilbane also dive into the world of supplementing and how to monitor your children for symptoms so that you can catch inflammation problems early on.

1:40 Why chronic illnesses is on the rise in children
5:10 Processed food builds up generationally
5:48 How to manage inflammation as it relates to pediatric health
10:00 Kat’s child’s experience with toxin injuries
10:52 Early signs of inflammation to look out for
12:43 Leaky gut
16:04 Allergies and asthma as an inflammation response
19:32 It’s more than just food: environmental toxins
22:36 Supplements