Learn what clean beauty really is, how brands handle certifications, and all about the ingredients you avoid in beauty supplies. Kat hosts The Organic Girl (Lisa Fennessy) to dive into the world of beauty products to go beyond just ingredients – packaging and sourcing also plays into the “ethical beauty” world. Clean beauty also goes beyond just makeup! Have you ever heard the phrase “If you can’t understand every ingredient don’t use it”? Listen to learn why this might not be true.

Special guest Lisa Fennessy created This Organic Girl out of a passion to explore the latest and greatest in clean beauty and organic lifestyle as well as THE WHY.
She took her BA in journalism from Northeastern University and turned her knowledge into a platform that helps women to feel empowered as consumers, while also making a positive impact on their health and the planet.

2:20” Ethical Beauty” and how it goes beyond clean ingredients
4:30 Retinol
6:20 Similarities between clean beauty and the food industry
9:45 Clean beauty goes beyond just makeup
11:30 Difficulty measuring impact on toxic ingredients
13:07 Brands and their “clean” marketing and what to look for
16:00 Certification vs. verification
21:25 Ingredients to stay away from
24:45 Top 5 certifications
31:47 Sephora’s clean beauty mark and if it can be trusted