On today’s episode, Kat and Landon sat down with Margaret Romero, a Columbia- trained Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner with an expertise in lupus, to discuss her impactful story and more. Once severely ill and diagnosed with lupus, Margaret was able to overcome this life-threatening diagnosis by singlehandedly finding the culprit for her illness: gluten. This immense discovery transformed her life and brought her to where she is today.

Listen to learn all about lupus, mold, herbal remedies, and healing your body from fatigue and pain.

8:00 Kat’s experience with bone broth for gut health
9:00 When to look into your symptoms instead of thinking they are “normal”
11:04 Particular age groups that are diagnosed with lupus
12:39 Lupus diagnosis tests
15:19 Gluten and the impact it can have on testing
16:39 Parasite herbal treatment
19:00 How to find the right specialist or practitioner
26:18 Practical steps to help with pain, fatigue, weight gain, and more