Thanks to Justin Beiber, Tim Tebow, and an increased number of athletes, Hyperbaric Chambers have been the talk of the health and wellness world recently. What are these chambers? What do they help with? They promote increasing oxygen, sharpening the brain, providing more energy, and helping heal tissue & nerves.

Put under pressure in a Hyperbaric Chamber, your red blood cells can buy more oxygen then they would normally at regular room air. That helps tissue heal and repair faster/better! The brain utilizes all of the oxygen that we take in, so HBOT can help greatly with treating neurological conditions. HBOT also helps the tissue of the body get more oxygen, aiding in the healing process.

We sat down with Dr. Lauren and Dr. Dana Brindisi, Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologists sisters, to talk about this mysterious chamber, how it can help people, and more.

4:09 What Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is
8:12 How HBOT helps put more oxygen in your system
11:46 Who goes into HBOT chambers & what it helps treat
16:50 HBOT benefits for DNA
20:57 Side effects of HBO chambers
27:46 The Brindisi sisters’ tip for living life organically