Let’s talk about travel! While we might not be able to travel right now, before you know it we will be off and roaming this beautiful earth. Did you know travel can be a huge part of your health & wellness journey? There is a reason why travel often leaves you rested & rest. Getting out of your natural environment can be vitally important to healing.

Our guest this week is Jessica Van Antwerp is the owner and CEO of Integral Travel, providing wellness retreats and education to teach people how to unlock the natural healing capacity of their bodies while connecting with others and the planet. She draws on over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry, as well as the wisdom she’s gained through her personal struggles with anxiety, weight, low self-esteem, and addiction.

3:23 Jessica’s background & journey to Integral Travel
7:23 What Qigong is
10:30 Food and how it relates to frequencies in the body
11:37 Reactions to things around you & the impact on your physical body
15:05 How nature helps to heal
19:52 Wellness retreats
22:00 Typical day in a wellness retreat
27:18 Physical health & the emotional health connection
34:44 At-home tips for those of us who can’t go on a wellness retreat