Join us as we dive into the world of the gut microbiome! Learn about the environmental factors that are impacting your gut microbiome, chronic inflammation, and what you can do to fix your gut microbiome. We talk about everything from food & air to mycotoxins and digestive issues with Dr. Asia Muhammad.

Asia Muhammad is a naturopathic doctor that uses evidence-based medicine to provide individualized care to each patient. She has a special interest in gastroenterology, mind-body medicine, and stress management, as increasing research demonstrates the role of stress in disease. She dedicated three years post-graduation to an independent residency at Arizona Digestive Health where she treated thousands of patients suffering with gastrointestinal disorders.

2:34 Dr. Asia’s background in naturopathic medicine
7:00 Chronic inflammation & the impact your environment has
8:42 Environmental factors that contribute to inflammation
11:30 Food & the impact it has on your gut health
13:02 Steps to take to change your microbiome
15:00 Mycotoxin – what they are & how to avoid them
23:02 Irritable Bowel Syndrome isn’t a thing
27:15 Healthy bowel movements
33:15 The brain & gut connection
35:04 Dr. Asia’s tip for living life organically