Glyphosate. What the heck is it and why do you need to stay away from it? Let’s talk about it for a hot minute, because it’s dirty, it’s disgusting, and it does not get our juices flowing.

According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), “glyphosate is a widely used herbicide that can kill certain weeds and grasses. Glyphosate works by blocking an enzyme essential for plant growth. The product is used primarily in agriculture, but also in forestry and lawn and garden care,” and you want to know where else it can be found? In our food. Yep, you read that right, and it gets worse. The FDA also states that “certain trace amounts of pesticides, or pesticide chemical residues, may remain in or on some crops after they’re harvested. The FDA’s role is to ensure that pesticide chemical residues on or in domestic and imported foods do not exceed the limits established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),” which means that as long as there isn’t “too much” glyphosate found in our food, then it is deemed “safe.” We don’t know about you, but we don’t want to ingest anything that has any amount of pesticides on or in it.


Save the bees. Save the humans.
The thing is, glyphosate isn’t just found in our lettuce or veggies, it’s also in our chips, meat, wheat, and it’s affecting the biomes of insects like bees, causing massive numbers of bees to die off and causing devastating effects to earthworms and biodiversity overall. Think about it, if it’s affecting these insects that live in pretty rough environments and can adapt quickly to changes, just imagine the type of damage it could do to your body that isn’t exposed to half of the things they are. We don’t only need to save the bees, we need to save ourselves from the pesticides that are finding their way into our homes- our bodies.


The C-word
If it wasn’t bad enough knowing that pesticides are in our food, it gets even worse. Glyphosate is also known to be a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer. There have been several lawsuits against products like RoundUp for being the cause of cancer, which is one of the commonly used pesticides for farmers where nonorganic food is grown. Did you catch that? Not only are there pesticides in our food, but these pesticides are a common cause of cancer. Umm, how do we stay away from all things Glyphosate?

Choose organic
The EWG published a report on August 15th, 2018, which showed that 43 of 45 samples of products made with conventionally grown oats indicated that glyphosate was present. I know what you’re thinking… How am I supposed to eat anything that doesn’t have glyphosate in it?

Easy. Choose organic. 

Clean Juice has made it incredibly easy for everyone who walks through our doors. How? Because literally every product that is used in our stores is USDA certified organic and you never have to wonder where your food comes from, if there are any added sugars or additives, and you literally get to watch your food being made right in front of you. Does it get any more transparent than that? We don’t think so. 

But why organic?
When you stray away from organic food, you run into other labels using glyphosate as a pre-harvest desiccant, which means that crops are harvested shortly after they are sprayed and long before the chemical can be broken down. Ok, what does that mean? When crops are harvested shortly after being sprayed, glyphosate is present at high levels in many common food crops, and these crops are often labeled as ‘natural’ and non-GMO, which triggers our brain to think it’s ‘healthy,’ but it isn’t. Scary, right? We know!

Some researchers have even raised concerns about the nutritional quality of food crops being reduced by the use of glyphosate, which is another reason to choose organic. Organic soybeans have been found to have higher nutritional value than genetically modified soybeans, and that’s not the only food that holds higher nutritional value when it isn’t genetically modified.

So, what are we saying??
We’re saying to eat Clean Juice morning, lunch, and dinner and choose all organic food when you’re grocery shopping. When you choose organic, you’re choosing foods that hold all of their nutritional value, aren’t loaded with extra preservatives or additives, and will leave you feeling clean, energized, and 100% yourself. At Clean Juice, all of our ingredients are USDA organic certified and they taste insanely delicious. We have locations all around the U.S. and you can even have your own Clean Juice in your back pocket when you download our app. We choose you, so choose us too and let’s save the bees, the planet, and ourselves.