Diseases like Hashimotos and PCOS have been on the rise year-over-year, affecting many women all over. But when it comes down to it- is it genetic? Environmental? Is there a cure or can we just mitigate symptoms? How is trauma linked to healing?

In this episode, we sit down with Justin Janoska, to discuss his unique approach to Hashimoto’s that goes below the surface of nutrition and exercise. His program, The Hashimoto’s Revolution, helps women address the root cause/trauma linked to their symptoms and has helped thousands in the process of recovery.

1:16 Justin Jonaska Intro
2:00 Landon’s background in Pharma and women’s health
3:20 How Justin’s mom impacted his journey
5:01 What is PCOS?
6:10 Misconceptions about PCOS
6:39 What is Hashimoto’s
8:26 Landon’s experiences with Hashimoto’s
10:34 Do PCOS and Hashimoto’s have ties?
12:55 Why are we seeing the rises in diseases?
14:00 Generational trauma and disease
16:00 Addressing the pain
20:42 Unrecognized aspects of disease
21:10 Commons thoughts of disease
23:07 Exercising the right way
25:23 Intention before intervention

Learn more at  thehashimotosacademy.com