“The person who takes medicine must recover twice; once from the disease and once from the medicine.”
-Sir Wiliam Osler, excerpt from Ancient Remedies

Today we sit down with expert Dr. Axe to learn all about traditional chinese medicine and discuss the inspiration for his new,  Ancient Remedies.  It’s packed with medical research, thousands of studies on traditional methods to help you get to root causes and take control of your health. ⁠

“Nutrition is one of the top two things that can help heal, but if you are dealing with emotional root cause, which most people are, they won’t fully heal until they start focusing on faith and hope.”
-Dr. Axe

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3:37 Dr. Axe’s Inspiration for his book

7:50 The blends of medicine for an integrative approach

8:53 Emotional link of trauma to disease

12:50 Ayurvedic Medicine, face mapping, tongue mapping

17:16 Chinese Medicine & the 5 elements 

21:26 How symptoms can mask root cause

24:50  What does “Like Supports Like” mean?

29:45 Herbs for inflammation

30:22 Herbs for hormones

34:05 Small changes you can implement