Coffee is the second most popular drink worldwide with over 400 million cups downed a day by Americans alone. The statistics on coffee obsession are staggering, but not surprising if you catch a glimpse of the local Starbucks line around 8 in the morning. Of all the things to be obsessed with, coffee seems to be a safer option. Most of us have not truly thought twice about the long term effects of our daily coffee run. However, most people would be shocked to know that the coffee bean is the most heavily sprayed bean in the produce market. It is loaded with toxic chemicals that affect not only the crop itself, but the environment and the people around it. Due to coffee being in such high demand, it is essential that this issue be addressed for both our own health and the sake of the environment around us. We sat down with an expert in coffee chemistry, Dr. Hendon, on the Be Organic Podcast to talk about the science behind coffee. Check it out here!

In today’s world, Starbucks and Dunkin’ (along with most other chain restaurants) serve coffee that is laden with pesticides, carcinogenic sweeteners and a surplus of calories making it about as good for you as curling up with a slice of cake. If this was something we indulged in on occasion, it would not be as destructive to our bodies, but because it is the second most consumed beverage next to water itself, the negative impacts are impossible to ignore. You can eat a perfectly healthy diet, but if you are ordering a large vanilla latte every day – you are going to find yourself dealing with brain fog and crashing hard within an hour or so – not to mention the long term health effects. All this to say, coffee is not all bad, but what our society has done with it today is. 

Coffee itself has so many benefits. It has been known to help combat Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s certain forms of cancer and even oxidative stress.  Regular coffee consumption, in a safe amount, can improve cognitive function and support different organs in our bodies. Not to mention the simple, yet positive, aspects of caffeine on our mental health and ability to get up and go in the morning! This all plays a huge role in our lives, but as with so many other natural health foods, it has come a long way from being the original superfood of the past. Thankfully, there are still ways to cure your coffee cravings in a healthy way! Dr. Chopra, coffee expert, believes that drinking 4+ cups of pure organic coffee a day has amazing benefits. Listen to more here!

Purity coffee is our go-to coffee brand. It is clean, organic and good for the environment. Especially when buying decaf beans, non-organic is further washed with chemicals to get rid of the caffeine. Purity coffee is a great example of a brand that uses water instead. Clean Juice carries wellness lattes during the winter which are a blend of organic, natural ingredients designed to give you the same effect of a regular latte, but without the crash, dehydration, inflammation or brain fog. We include ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, lion’s mane, and coconut sugar to turn your afternoon pick-me-up into a superfood supplement! All year we serve up organic cold-brew coffee in several products. Our Cashew Milk Latte cold-pressed cashew milk, The Beauty Bowl acai bowl, and The Coffee One fan-favorite smoothie. If you are looking for health alternatives to your regular morning or afternoon coffee run try grabbing some organic coffee beans from the store and making it yourself or stop by Clean Juice and let us do the hard work for you!  

Coffee is an addiction for most of us and not something many are willing to compromise on, but give yourself a few weeks, make substitutions to use organic beans and natural sweeteners. You will feel so much better, there is a good chance you will not want to go back.