“We can sit in pain and then we start to feel numb, and they say time heals all wounds and we may think we are over it, but most of the time we haven’t healed and things like bitterness and anger take the place of pain.”

Everyone has it, but there are few who are willing to deal with it before it surfaces in unprecedented ways. We are talking about trauma, and its ever-evolving impact on both us, our communities, and our relationships.  

What does trauma look like and what does it look like when we are just “dealing” with it? What is feeling versus actively healing? 

1:38 Tanya Camps Intro
3:18 What is trauma?
5:54 Processing versus healing
6:41 Tools to heal
9:14 How much time is too much time to heal?
12:13 Emotional trauma to disease
13:40 Generational trauma
14:48 Actively healing
16:22 Parent Educator
19:20 Prayers as a tool
22:53 The First step