“Integrative medicine is like the umbrella term. Integrative is utilizing different modalities from different areas like acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal- even pharmaceuticals -that’s Integrative medicine, you try to do the best with everything.”
-Dr. Benton

The painted picture is always allopathic practitioners versus naturopathic practitioners- but it doesn’t have to be this way. Today with Dr. Benton, we dive into Integrative medicine and what it means to marry both approaches in medicine. 

1:20 Dr. Benton’s Background
4:20 Why Dr. Benton chose Integrative medicine
8:47 Why don’t doctors choose the integrative approach?
16:07 What is functional medicine versus integrative medicine?
17:20 Dr. Benton’s child’s healing story
19:39 Is integrative the medicine of the future?
21:21 IBS and anxiety correlation
22:57 Calming methods for anxiety
34:15 Doubts from other doctors
42:47 How does an integrative Doc treat?