What does it mean to make the body inhospitable to disease? Can you really become cancer-free with food? What do stress and an alkalizing diet have to do with the pH of the body? What can beet juice do for bowel cancer? Why should we steer clear of Teflon cookware and drink bentonite clay?

These are just some of the intriguing questions we are going to answer today with guest and nutrition expert, Liana Werner-Gray. Liana focuses on the power of alkalizing the body in an acidic environment and shares simple tips to help mitigate disease. Check out the timestamps below:

1:54 Intro with Liana Werner Gray
3:34 Alkalizing the body
5:31 Liana’s health journey
8:58 What is alkalizing the diet
15:25 The “Earth Diet”
19:10 Why juice once a day?
22:00 Why beet juice?
28:45 Parasites and Bentonite Clay
32:49 Teflon cookware toxicity
34:30 Coconut water + green juice
36:20 Water acidity
38:10 The “non-negotiables”
42:40 Anxiety-Free with Food 

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