Whether through a friend, on social media, or the most recent docuseries “Unwell” on Netflix- chances are you have been educated on the potent healing properties of these concentrated plant blends, called essential oils. So do they really do what they say they do? Are they as efficacious as some conventional medicines? 

Today we sit with Immunologist, Dr. Steph, to learn more.  

3:00 Intro on Stephanie’s Journey
6:13 Nonprofit work with Department of Defense
10:26 Dr. Steph’s change in opinion on Essential oils
12:20 Science + Oils
12:50 Immune response to bacterial infections
15:25  Frankincense and Thyme
16:10  Drugs versus essential oils
20:20 Lowering inflammation
23:00 Citrus + rinds
24:00 Different ways to use essential oils
26:00 Internal use of essential oils
28:20 What are the sources of essential oils
34:00 Label of a good essential oil