What happens when chronic diseases begin to show themselves in more serious forms, such as neurological disorders? 

We know that many neurological problems are beginning to show themselves now in earlier stages of life-  Alzheimer’s and Dementia are said to have spiked 373% for Millennials and Gen Z according to BlueCross BlueShield. So what do we do about these major red flags for our future generations? What does alternative medicine look like for neurology? Today we are joined with Doctors’ Lauren and Dana Brindisi to discuss the future of neurology. 

1:20 Dr’s Lauren and Dana Intro
2:30 What is Functional Neurology?
4:00 How they found neurology
7:07 Neurological problems in millennials
13:37 POTS Syndrome
19:50 Symptoms of POTS
20:08 Who are at risk of POTS?
27:15 Where does POTS come from?
32:03 Treatments