“Sleep is a time to reallocate our memories and a time to heal. We don’t actually heal a lot through the day, our body is planning on doing that during deep sleep.”

Sleep is one of the pillars of health, yet it is so bio-individual for everyone. While one person is struggling with 4 hours of sleep, someone else is finishing a marathon. So what gives? Is there the “perfect recipe” for sleep? Today we sit down with Todd and Tara Youngblood to discuss their findings on what it means to get good sleep.


1:30 Todd and Tara Intro 

3:50 Their journey with sleep

6:30 The current state of sleep 

7:30 Chronotypes of sleep

8:50 Quality of sleep

10:40 Does everyone really need 8 hours of sleep?

13:00 Deep Sleep versus REM sleep

17:05 Screen time before bed

24:00 Products of Chili sleep