“There are 8 primary phytonutrients in celery that make it a powerhouse of cancer-fighting properties, particularly luteolin and apigenin.”
-Cherie, the Juice Lady

What is juicing? What are the benefits? What’s the difference between juicing and blending? Doesn’t juice have too much sugar? 

We know a thing or two about juice so we decided it was time to not only discuss juice and it’s frequently asked questions, but to bring a guest who we consider a legend in the juicing industry. Cherie Calbom, M.S. is a leading authority on juicing for health and detoxification. Known as The Juice Lady, TV chef and celebrity nutritionist, she has helped in pioneering the fresh juice movement around the world. Cherie writes a juice column for Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine and is the author of 35 books including her bestseller Juicing For Life with over 2 million books sold. Check out the episode’s timestamps below::

1:30 Intro to Juice Lady
2:40 How Cherie got into juicing
8:55 Cherie & her morning routine
11:34 Difference between juicing and blending
16:49 Juicing and sugar
20:15 Types of juicing
24:05 Zinc
26:50 Vitamin C
30:37 Juices for sugar cravings
31:54 Disease Prevention