We have heard the downfalls of conventional farming when it comes to human and planet health – So what do we do about this? What is regenerative agriculture? What is the true cost of the food we consume? How can we restore the nutrients back into our food and soil? Today we sit down with regenerative expert and cattle rancher Eric Perner to discuss the current condition of our agricultural practices and what changes we can make.  

Eric is co-founder and CEO of REP Provisions, a CPG company solely focused on producing foods that are sourced from regenerative ranches and farms. It is their mission to regenerate grassland ecosystems and create healthy nutrient-dense foods in the process. They believe that healthy lands lead to healthy lives, and that taste, nutrition, and convenience shouldn’t be a compromise. 



3:00 What is regenerative farming

5:45 Why a multi-species farm is best

10:00 Compounding problems of soil

14:04 Engineering crops and economics 

19:00 Preservation efforts

22:05 Better food for the kids

24:30 Pandemic & Consumer trends

27:25 Rep Provisions

28:50 What bone broth is

31:40 Learn more about Rep Provisions