Oils are a very important part of any diet, being that they can be the catalyst of health or culprit of inflammation. So when Greg Vetter set out to find a clean salad dressing on the market in 2009 and there was none, his mission was clear cut. Thus, he pulled his brothers together to launch Tessemae’s. Today we sit down with all three Vetter brothers to talk on a personal note about the success of their products and the accessibility to clean good food for all. 

“I Went to all the local grocery stores to see if clean salad dressing existed, and it didn’t. Clean salad dressing was not a thing and I was in shock. So I called my brothers, wife, and parents and said ‘We’re going to start a clean salad dressing.'”

-Greg Vetter, CEO



3:30 Tessemae’s Intro

4:50 How Clean Juice found Tessemae’s

7:50 How the Vetter’s mom was ahead of the curve

9:45 Clean Salad dressing was non-existent

10:30 Tessemae’s mission statement

11:44 A breakdown of oils

15:10 Avoiding the additives in dressing

17:43 Quality versus profit

24:00 Diet Certification Approvals

27:05 Revamping during COVID 

29:30 Organic sales up year to date

33:00 Pro team partnerships