We wanted to dedicate this podcast to breast cancer awareness during the month of October, and even beyond that. It’s a sobering topic, as it feels like we all know someone who has been affected, but we also token today’s talk as a celebration of life to those who have endured hard battles with breast cancer. Today we are joined with Doctor Chasse Bailey-Dorton and Laura Renegar to get really honest and raw about the conversation that forefronts women’s health.

“Menopausal women have the ability to reduce their chance of breast cancer by 14% by walking 7 hours per week. That’s one hour per day.”

To learn more or donate, visit:  https://www.cancer.org/ 



1:55 Dr. Dorton’s background.

3:30 Why are we seeing younger women with breast cancer?

5:00 What are some signs women should look out for?

8:00 What is a triple-negative test?

9:19 What is a BRCA mutation?

18:00 Being your own advocate.

23:30 What can we work on in terms of prevention?

29:00 Community support.