What’s it like to be a day in the life of TJ Dillashaw? What are his go-to training tools? How does TJ use wearable technology to optimize his performance? Why is rice one of his no-no foods? How did he get turned on to cold-pressed juices?

“Synthetic caffeine is some of the worst for you. It’s like three to four times more caffeine. Say you drink if you’re drinking 150-200 mg of caffeine, it’s like you’re actually taking in like 600mg of caffeine.”
-TJ Dillashaw

Today we sit down to answer these questions with the infamous UFC Fighter to get the inside scoop as to what an average day for him looks like. We cover everything from diet, intermittent fasting, an average day in the ring, foods he avoids, caffeine, to wearable technology. It’s a biohacker’s dream episode. 



2:10 What has TJ been up to in quarantine?

4:30 What’s the new normal for fights?

5:38 Things that keep TJ in peak condition

8:50 How TJ changed his diet & how he found cold pressing

10:44 High levels of arsenic in the body

13:10 A day in the life of TJ’s diet

18:30 Caffeine and its effect on hormones

19:40 Intermittent fasting

21:40 TJs favorite food to eat

25:40 Wearable technology

35:00 Jiu-Jitsu