What are bioidentical hormones? How is Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy different from conventional hormone treatments? What are the three most powerful ways the body can be under attack? What is the average age someone comes in looking for treatment? 

“Now not only is testosterone lowering with age but now younger generations are starting out with a lower volume.”
“PCOS was in about 3-4% of women and now it is in 60-70% of women”
-Dr. Brannon

Today we talk with Dr. Brannon about the common misconceptions around hormonal treatment. Dr. Brannon expressed many indicators that the landscape of hormonal issues are changing from solely women and men in older age groups to now many of his patients are under the age of 35. What has changed, and what are some ways we can deal with these hormonal imbalances effectively, especially for younger generations?

Time Stamps
1:05 Background
2:49 What is the difference between BHRT and synthetic hormones?
3:52 What is the cause of the surge in hormonal imbalances
4:25 The three ways the body is attacked
6:20 Precursors of cholesterol
8:35 Extreme Athletes and stress
9:30 Detoxing & nutraceuticals
11:54 Five tips on longevity