“When we are healthy we can do great things, and being healthy has really pushed me to how I can impact the world and the planet on a larger scale.” – Todd Lamb

Former Army veteran and SWAT Team Leader, Todd Lamb left that life to pursue his passion for health and founded the company Purelife Organics to help his wife combat health conditions. He talks about his experiences, how it led him to the health and wellness industry, and his favorite supplements and plants to combat different health needs. Learn how to use “streaming visualization” to retrain your brain to respond to situations around you. Todd Lamb also touches on his newest passion, a drone deforestation program. This program is planting trees 6-8Xs faster than humans, essentially using drones to plant forests in a fraction of the time. He is passionate about getting ahead of the harvesting curve and putting technology into the post-harvesting process to lead to a more sustainable future.


6:11 Todd Lamb’s craziest story from his service

12:30 “Streaming Visualization” and retraining the brain to respond to situations

15:36 The moment for Todd Lamb that turned him towards the wellness industry

17:55 Kat & Landon’s similar business journey

18:18 The origins of Pure Life Organics

21:00 The power of tea

23:51 Top supplements to help the body

26:08 Sleep and the three pillars of health

29:50 Movement & a weekly routine

32:00 The importance of warming up before heavy workouts

34:50 Drone Reforestation Program