“Cleansing is when we are working on the gastrointestinal tract- resetting it so to say.  Detoxing focuses more on the liver and the kidney organs.”
What is the hype about celery juice? How did it become popular? What is the difference between cleansing and detoxing? What is Quercetin?
In this episode, we address cleansing versus detoxing and how celery juice can play a beneficial role in this. We also talk about problems with stomach acids, how to DIY your own celery juice, and why Quercetin is such a good thing.

Time stamps
1:00 What is the difference between detox and cleansing?
2:40 Why celery does both cleansing and detoxing
4:40 How did celery juice become popular?
8:15 Hydrochloric acid problems
7:00 Quercetin anti- inflammatory
9:50 Celery juice routine
12:38 How do you make celery juice without a blender?
15:12 Lemon alkalizing mocktail