“So many people from a biological standpoint get addicted to this food because that is what it is designed to do. Companies spend millions and millions of dollars to create this hyper-palatable food so it triggers the brain to crave and want it even more.”

-Drew Manning

What is the Fit2Fat2Fit experiment? How much of our health journeys are physical struggles versus emotional struggles? How does one break the habit of eating hyper-palatable foods? What is the difference between self-awareness and will power? What is the keto diet? How can ketones help us?

Today we sit down with author and viral self-experimenter of Fit2Fat2Fit, Drew Manning, to talk about the emotional relationships with food and how to cultivate self-awareness for a body-positive health journey. Drew also discusses how he uses ketosis, ketones, and the Keto Diet as a powerful tool for weight loss.

Drew Manning, personal trainer, was having a hard time relating to his clients when it came to weight loss and sticking to a diet and workout plan. He decided to gain as much weight as he could in 6 months to put himself in the mindset and lifestyle as his clients and then lose it again in 6 months to better understand how hard it is for people who have not always been strict with their health and wellness. He ended up gaining 72.2 pounds in 6 months, and he worked hard to lose it all again in 6 months.



Check out our timestamps below:

2:40 Background about Drew

6:30 Hyper-palatable food addictions

10:05 Why it is easy to overeat junk food

19:00 How substances help us cope

20:20 Meditation and “breathing through” situations

22:20 Self-awareness over will power

23:25 Mental and emotional transformation

29:30 About Drew’s book and the Keto Diet

30:35 What Ketosis is

33:00 Benefits of using ketones