What is Lymph? What is a lymphatic massage and how is it different from a traditional massage? What are some good exercises for our lymphatic system?

Ever heard of a massage that detoxifies your body simultaneously? That’s right, there’s a technique that exists that you not only get to relax and enjoy- but is also promoting detoxification of the lymphatic system at the same time. Lymphatic massage and “lymphatic contouring” has gone mainstream over the last few years, so we decided to sit down with expert, Lisa Gainsley, to see what it’s all about.

“The lymph vessels that surround your gut make up 70% of your immune system. Your bloodstream gets pumped by the heart, but your lymphatic system is actually the circulatory system of the immune system.”


3:30 Intros to Lisa and the Lymphatic system
5:12 What is a lymphatic massage?
5:50 Where are our lymph nodes?
8:30 Lymph system, immunity and how it flows
11:35 What tools and methods are used during lymph massage?
13:35 Using your hands to massage
16:50 Pilates and lymph flow
18:50 Knowing the lymphatic map
26:40 Abdominal breathing
29:44 “G-Lymphatic system”
34:00 Jade Rollers
36:09 Herbs, movement and food correlated to lymph
39:40 Deodorant detriments