What are some tricks to keeping the family healthy? Good house cleaning products? What is colloidal silver? What is Egyptian Magic?

Let’s talk life hacks from one parent to another when it comes to teaching kids what healthy really means. We are combating horrible foods, toxic household products, water, air quality, makeup, sedentary lifestyles in schools, not enough nature, exercise- this is so overwhelming for a parent to hear. On top of that, we now have this new dynamic in the household where kids are home- the parents have far more time with them than previously and it can be stressful, but also a good opportunity to take alternative routes when it comes to parenting.

We sat down with Earthy Junky creator, Samantha Elkin, to talk about some tips to keeping the family active, clean and healthy.

2:45 Samantha’s Background
7:40 Intuitive nutrition
11:35 Easy Sustainable tips
21:44 Kids & Active lifestyles
24:49 House products
26:50 The Cure-all Cream
28:30 Keeping the family’s immunity up
28:55 MCT Oil
33:00 Colloidal silver
35:40 DIY electrolyzing drink