What is the best way to get vitamin D? What is emulsified vitamin D? What are some good brands to look out for? How could vitamin D, B vitamins and COVID all be linked?

Vitamin D has been a hot topic this year regarding immunity, so we figured we would share a few tips about Vitamin D absorption, how to get the best supplements, getting your levels checked, and what to watch out for! Be sure to tune in and check out our timestamps below!

1:50 Vitamin D, COVID and deficiencies
2:30 Fat soluble vitamins
3:03 Vitamin D level ranges
4:18 How many American are vitamin D deficient?
5:20 Vitamin D, hormones, and cold states
6:40 Stress & B vitamins
7:26 Gut health and vitamin D absorption
8:56 Path of digestion
10:40 Emulsified Vitamin D
12:05 Other alternatives – Nordic Naturals
13:50 Metabolic functions of vitamin D
15:15 GMP and NSF supplement labels
18:30 DMinder App