“The sun is the most life giving source on the planet”

“We are meant to be solar panels of the sun also we absorb energy of the sun and its life-giving to our bodies.”

“Before antibiotic drugs were discovered in the 1930s, the medical community all over the world used the healing power of the sun to cure patients of all sorts of diseases.”

Rose Uncharted, a well known “citizen researcher”, challenges views specifically when it comes to the sun and its counterpart, sunscreen. She also discusses heliotherapy, an ancient practice using the power of sunlight to heal diseases from tuberculosis, cancers, to even skin conditions.


1:40 Intro

3:35 How Rose found her path

6:00 Living apart from allopathic medicine

9:00 The sun and its false narrative

12:21 Sunlight deterring sickness

15:16 Heliotherapy

15:45 Swiss Helio-therapist

20:13 Sunscreen and it’s problems

22:00 What did we do before sunscreen?

24:22 An algae that may prevent burning?

25:20 Unsaturated vs saturated fats sun link

30:05 Vitamin E and displacing PUFAS

32:40 Mindful sun exposure

34:15 How do you get sun exposure in winter