What is breathwork? How can Breathwork be used? What are some therapeutic practices that you can introduce?

Your breath has one of the most significant impacts on your life. It can keep you calm, give you anxiety; it can impact or be impacted by other physiological systems such as your nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, digestive system, and more. It’s important to have an understanding of your breath to maintain homeostasis throughout the rest of your body and your life. Breathwork is used in a plethora of therapeutic ways from healing traumas to correcting sleep, relieving anxiety, to even boosting immunity.

Ashley Neese, internationally renowned breathwork practitioner, draws from this deep well of resources to guide people back into their bodies where they learn beyond the cognitive mind how to cultivate resilience, develop relational intelligence and trust the wisdom held within. Her passion lies in the belief that our deepest and most profound healing occurs when we learn to listen to the unique language of our bodies.

We got to sit down with Ashley to discuss how to gain control of our breath and thus control our emotions. We also discuss Ashley’s book “How to Breath” along with some helpful practices in calming the breath. 


Time Stamps

2:40 background with Ashley

7:10 What is breathwork?

13:35 The spiritual component with breathwork

14:25 Physiological factors of breathwork

18:30 Areas in the body where we find relief

21:20 Book – How to Breath

23:30 New book soon

25:05 Invitation to practice breathwork


Find more out about Ashley at:
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