What is the skin microbiome? Is it linked to the gut microbiome? What are endolysins? How do they help?

The gut is always the hot topic of discussion, but today we switch gears to talk about the skin microbiome. Skin can be the “canary in the coal mine” when indicating imbalances in the body, and sometimes it takes a little more than a simple clean diet and water to get the skin back in check. Today we sit down with Skyler Stein, leader of GladSkin US, who has helped bring new technology to the table in the world of skincare. 

Over the years Skyler pivoted from private equity and finance to creating a brand new skincare technology, GladSkin, from overseas. This wasn’t without obstacles, as Skyler had a tough battle with Lyme’s disease and used himself as somewhat of a guinea pig for testing. Through his journey, it became a harsh reality that many who are struggling with autoimmune issues are also dealing with inflammatory skin conditions. Skyler provides lots of insight, especially on the new technology of Endolysins. Check out our timestamps below:



3:20 Skyler’s background & healthy journey

10:03 What is the Skin Microbiome?

12:01 Armpits and antiperspirants 

14:43 Product safety

16:27 Endolysin technology

19:47 Gut & skin microbiome links

 24:15 Skyler’s personal diet

28:00 Gladskin products