What is the difference between naturopathic and conventional medicine? How many types of fasting are there? Should women fast? What is a fast mimicking diet? 


Naturopathic medicine is beginning to draw a lot of attention, as many find themselves dealing with chronic sickness, but are increasingly skeptical of ushering in pharmaceuticals to their lives. 


On today’s episode we answer all of those questions alongside Naturopathic med student, Tyler Jean, with a “root cause” approach. Tyler begins with debunking the notion that our bodies “break” and we need external medicine to help fix and protect. Tyler also goes in-depth on the different types of fasting and the benefits seen for disease.  


“The body has the inherent capacity to heal”

-Tyler Jean



4:10 What naturopathic medicine is

5:05 Emotional Trauma stored in the body

7:02 Third-year medical school thoughts

8:00 Favorite class in med school

10:23 Therapeutic Order of Naturopathy

12:40 Nutrition as the foundational pillar

13:03 Energy Therapy, cold plunges, saunas, herbs

14:50 Fasting, IF, Circadian Code, TRE

18:59 Fasting Mimicking diet

19:45 Who fasting is good for

24:02 Women’s hormones & fasting

26:28 Fasting and Thyroid health 

28:20 Supplements for Immunity


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