Every system in your body is uniquely connected, but did you ever think that your teeth could be connected to your heart health, joint pain, or gut health? Not only can your teeth and gums tell you a lot about what is going on in your body, but they can also be causing some of those problems. Let’s dive into some common topics about oral health & how it relates to overall wellness!

The Gut/Oral Health Link

According to Dr. Blodgett, a recent guest on the Be Organic podcast, gut health begins in the mouth. Oral bacteria spreading throughout the body is a common occurrence, and the gut is no exception. A lot of things go down the GI tract from our mouths are unhealthy, and the oral microbiome fights hard to shield us from harmful bacteria.

Some signs from your mouth that your gut health might be off:

  • Acid reflux takes a toll on your teeth (the acid can melt teeth, especially the back molars)
  • Sleep apnea or sleep disturbances can lead to mouth breathing and the saliva dries up, no longer protecting gums and teeth (flattened, red gums)

Wisdom Teeth

We’ve probably all had our wisdom teeth removed at this point, but did you know that 50-70% of removal sites become infected, sometimes without people even knowing? This infection and inflammation of the removal site can lead to problems elsewhere in your body. In holistic medicine and holistic dentistry, practitioners are studying the Meridian Tooth Chart and seeing that each tooth has a unique connection to other organs and tissues of the body. For example, Dr. Blodgett discussed with us the connection wisdom teeth have to heart health! He said that plaque build-up within the arterial walls parallels with plaque build-up on the teeth. There is a similar bacterial exposure in both situations. Want to read more about the heart-tooth connection? Check out the book Beat the Heart Attack Gene by Bradley Bale and Amy Doneen.

Respiratory Diseases

Your oral care and the state of your mouth and gums have a correlation between fighting off respiratory diseases. We are meant to breathe primarily through our nose, using the nasal passages to regulate air, heat air, humidify or de-humidify air, and much more before it ever reaches your lungs. If breathing through your mouth, your nasal passaged can’t do their jobs and you are more susceptible to respiratory problems!

Mercery vapor could also be coming off of your old fillings and when you breathe at night you are breathing in mercery vapor and could create a chronic state of inflammation. If you’re inflamed you’re more prone to other diseases from the lungs!


Not only is the state of your oral health reflective of the state of your systematic health but it influences it directly. The quality of your food matters, your chewing matters, and your breathing matters.

“If we want people to have great oral health we have to have great nutritional health, great breathing work.”
– Dr. Blodgett

Listen and learn more about these topics on Episode 34 of the Be Organic Podcast!

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