The explosion of the digital era is no secret and has become essential during these last few months of 2020. With everything shifting to digital zoom meetings, classes, and workouts- we wanted to sit down with someone who knows it better than anyone and was able to find her success helping others with their fitness via Youtube.


Whether you have seen Sydney Cummings in Women’s Health Magazine or on Youtube, she has an amazing story to share and she’s had to endure some incredibly hard trials in life to ultimately find her calling and step into this role she was meant for. 


Timestamps below:


2:28 How Sydney came to find her passion

7:16 How Sydney found Youtube

17:40 That moment of “let’s do this”

21:00 How the studio came about

23:50 Sydney’s moment at gunpoint

32:00 Never taking a day in life for granted

35:20 How Sydney is bringing fitness and community for free in a time of need

37:10 How has the platform grown during the pandemic?


To learn more about Sydney Cummings: 

IG: @sydneycummings_

Facebook Sydney Cummings