What is bio-energetic testing? What does the test tell you? Can children take the test? Can hair and saliva really tell you about the functionality of other parts of your body?


So many new fascinating technologies are surfacing to allow people to take health into their own hands and address the root cause of disease. Balanced Health bio-energetic tests are catalysts for change, by identifying imbalances right down to the organ. 


Today, we sat down with founder, Samantha Stupak, whose engineering background took a turn into the health industry- after dealing with her own chronic sickness for 4 years. Check out our time-stamps below: 


2:03 How Samantha found Bio-energetic testing

6:10 How bioenergetic testing works

8:18 What health issues this test addresses

13:13 Testing hair and saliva that correlates with different parts of the body

18:46 How can you really identify the underlying causes

25:13 Day to day detox routines 

28:10 Dry Brushing the skin before sauna

28:34 Stool 

31:30 Energy + it’s test impacts

33:50 If children can get testing


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