“All disease begins the gut, All disease ends in the gut.”


‘Where you want to start investing your money is the wall of your gut. The surface area of the wall of your gut is the size of a tennis court.”


“The wall of your gut is your skin turned inside out. So what happens on the wall of your gut is reflected on your skin.”


-Dr. Gundry


What is the plant paradox? What are lectins and when should we avoid them?  What are the myths of aging we always hear about? Are supplements beneficial or just expensive urine? 


Dr. Steven Gundry, a cardiologist and transplant immunologist turned autoimmune disease expert, has helped thousands across the world with his novel protocol on food. His best selling books, The Plant Paradox and The Longevity Paradox focus on a protein called “lectins” and his approach is to eliminate the foods that contain high amounts of these proteins when addressing chronic disease.


Today Dr. Gundry Joins us to discuss the myths of aging, cross-reactivity of foods, the Gut and skin as well as supplements and habits to support immunity & longevity. See timestamps below:


2:33 Deadly Myths of Aging

7:15 Blue Zone myths- legumes

9:00 Cross-reactivity + Gluten

12:30 Celebrities avoiding lectins

14:00 Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

20:00 Rheumatoid arthritis

22:00 Gut + Skin

27:00 Supplements

30:00 DHA

37:15 Intermittent fasting versus time-restricted eating

38:30 WW2 findings

43:40 Three things to “de-age”


Find more about Dr. Gundry at www.drgundry.com

Read his books: The Plant Paradox, The Longevity Paradox

IG: @drstevengundry