“Sitting in sauna can reduce risk of heart attack by 63%”


“30 min session is equivalent to a 3.5 mile run”


“Finnish people are the healthiest happiest people in the world- they are going into the sauna at 180 degrees and working it up to about 210”


What benefits does the sauna have? Where did the practice originate from? Can you get vitamin D from an infrared sauna? How many times a week should you hop in the sauna?


Jenifer Felan, founder of the Sweat Shack in LA, joins us to discuss the potent healing properties of the infrared sauna. From curing autoimmune conditions to detoxing heavy metals, the sauna is an incredibly multifaceted therapy. Check out the timestamps below:


2:20 How Jen came into the sauna world

4:40 Battling autoimmune

10:55 What is infrared heat and how does it help us? 

13:30 Russia & Finland

16:21 Sauna (thermal) cycling

18:30 Just how multifaceted is infrared sauna therapy 

20:30 Relaxation 

25:08 How often do you use the sauna? 

26:25 Can you get vitamin D from the infrared sauna?

28:20 Any reasons not to use the sauna?


Find Jenifer & the Sweat Shack at @the.sweat.shack or www.thesweatshack.com