“’You produce 80-90 of your serotonin in your microbiome”


‘People with a healthy microbiome are much better at dealing with stress and staying in a parasympathetic state”

-Ben Goodwin 

What are the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? What can hunter-gatherers tell us about missing the mark of modern food consumption? What is the brain-gut axis?

Today we chat with Ben, founder of Olipop, and we cover some serious ground on a wide array of topics. If you’re interested in prebiotics, polar plunges, psychology, and where the health and wellness industry could be going- This episode is for you! Timestamps below:


2:00 Extreme thermal cycling

5:40 Ben’s health journey & weight loss

11:00 Mission as a brand

17:11 What is OLIPOP

20:12 Hunter-gatherer science

26:20 Probiotic vs prebiotics? 

28:10 Brain gut axis

45:50 What are the next health trends we will see?


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