What causes acne? What is the best sunscreen that truly protects the skin rather than damage? What are the best supplements for clearing systemic inflammation of the skin?


Today we have the chance to chat with Sophia Ruiz, a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the different layers of the skin and how to combat inflammatory obstacles. She shares with us best practices, products and even an app that can help track your daily vitamin D level in the sun, called Dminder.

Timestamps below:


2:55 Important background on skin

6:25 Root causes for acne

7:30 Systemic inflammation

12:10 Why acne is localized

15:46 What treatments can make acne worse

30:40 High-quality multi-vitamin for skin

38:00 How much sun should we get


Additional Notes:

Grab a multivitamin with Coenzymated B vitamin (methylfolate or folate)

Check out Dminder Sun Vitamin D tracking app 

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen is the Go-to

Find Sophia on Instagram: @curvewellness